Don’t ‘Limit’ yourself–my shopping austerity need not be yours–Limited is back!

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Over a decade ago the Limited clothing store closed its doors in Fashion Valley. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t miss it.

Not long ago, the store discontinued its relationship with Limited Inc–including stores like Limited 2, Victoria Secret, and Express to name a few.

Tomorrow, the newly re-branded and independent store will open at Fashion Valley, complete with a ribbon cutting.

A wonderful location, the new store is located in the JC Penny wing, near to my 2 favorite stores–Zara and H&M.

Limited’s CEO, Linda Heasley, has worked hard to re-think the concept of the store. Gearing the merch to working women who want to easily transition from day to night–who doesn’t? The store will also be focusing on what they’re calling “accessible runway trends at reasonable prices”.

Sounds good to me.

A couple of pics below.
You decide for yourself. I think it’s pretty cute.