All my faves from Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013.

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I saw quite a few shows and wrote about a few more. I met some gracious designers and some haughty ones, and was welcomed with open arms by a couple who I’d written about in past seasons–all-in-all my trips to NY for Fashion Week have gotten better and better.

I’ve learned to navigate the ticket lines and confidently take a seat, even when I haven’t been assigned one. And that what I wear doesn’t matter. I’ll be out-dressed by people who care a lot more about fashion than I ever will.

I smile and try to stay upbeat even when my feet and back are killing me.

I work to see the artistry in the most unwearable clothing and am always hoping to find the fashion context with what’s happening in today’s world.

These are some of my most favorite runway moments.



Candela-designer Gabriel Perezutti--a wonderfully warm soul.
Carmen at Norisol Ferrari--age 82!
Norisol Ferrari
Norisol Ferrari
Norisol Ferrari
Venezuelan designer Norisol Ferrari. Amazing tailoring.
The Great One--Bill Cunningham--capturing this photo made the whole trip worth it for me. We were watching Carolina Herrera's show.